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ZOTAC CUP Masters Statement

2017.12.04 9:00 AM

Dear ZOTAC CUP and eSports Community,

ZOTAC CUP takes into account the importance of sportsmanship that all competitors and spectators should act in a respectful sportsmanlike manner at all times, which states the following:

1. ZOTAC CUP does not condone or approve of any unsportsmanlike conducts.

2. It is unfortunate that the behavior of one of the players may have caused an uproar in the professional gaming community, however, it does not speak for nor does it represents ZOTAC or the ZOTAC CUPS.

3. ZOTAC CUP is about promoting a safe and healthy competition, gaming, and community.

4. ZOTAC CUP will take proactive action to ensure it does not happen again in any future ZOTAC CUP tournaments.

For any ZOTAC CUP tournaments in the future, we will make sure our rules on sportsmanlike conduct are clearly communicated to competitors. Hereby we sincerely apologise to our fans, the ZOTAC CUP community and any players or persons impacted by the incident.


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