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about_us 2023
Established in 2006, we believe in manufacturing quality PC related products including graphics cards, industry leading mini-PCs and innovative accessories on a global level. Our dedication to rigorous standards and the relentless pursuit of excellence is the backbone to our success that lead to award winning products and design which drive the continued pushing of limits in innovation, quality, and new frontiers.
We are determined to redefine the standard of graphics cards and Mini PCs to break new ground and connect people with faster-moving technologies and experiences. We strive for and create the latest technological products that epitomize form, utility, and style.
ZOTAC believes being at the forefront of innovation is the key to sustainability. Technology and discovery are key agents driving our world forward. We continue to push engineering limits in expanding upon key technologies beyond what they can do and ask how can it apply to our lives, how it can affect us, and how we can make it better. Since the early days, we have expanded our expertise in product design and materials discovery to harmonize with the ever-growing technologies and focused on the interaction of customers with our product, to create truly intuitive and unique experiences.
Our dedication to quality products is the backbone of everything we do and we work to ensure all our products are up to industry and our rigorous standards.
With our expanding global product reach, we believe that more can be done with less. Not only are our products designed to be more compact and take up less space, they also utilize less energy to have a smaller energy impact on the world. We also have a responsibility to ensure our products are made according to rigorous global industry standards and meet environmental sustainability and effectiveness to reduce energy and water consumption, carbon emissions, and waste disposal.
ZOTAC manufacturing facilities all have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, QC080000 and ISO 45001 certifications to ensure strict compliance requirements are meted. Through the implementation of these systems, we are able to improve the quality of our products, reduce operating risk and hazards for our employees, and commit to reducing our impact on the environment.
ISO 45001
Occupational Health & Safety Management system

ISO 14001:2015
Environmental Management Systems

IECQ 080000 (RoHS)
Hazardous Substance Process Management

Quality Management Systems

Other Certifications

ISO13485 Medical Devices
Rework of Electronic Assemblies

IPC-A-610G & IPC-J-STD-001

SD Card Association 3-C License

Six Sigma methodologies for improvements

REACH/Halogen free qualified

ZOTAC GAMING is the pioneering movement that comes from the core of the ZOTAC brand for a sole mission - to create and deliver the ultimate hardware for enthusiasts who live to game.
From award winning designs to delivering powerful performance, the ZOTAC GAMING GeForce® graphics cards give rise to amplified performance.
Innovating the PC in every best mini way, ZOTAC believes there is a Mini PC for everyone. Whether you are an architect with the next Hagia Sophia in mind, or simply wanting to enjoy the evening with intense gaming, we have the perfect fit for you.
ZOTAC is dedicated to continued innovation and connecting various technologies, engineering, and design to work together in product harmony. In aspiring to do so, ZOTAC has garnered prestigious media and industry awards acknowledging our endless pursuit in product innovation, engineering, and design.
ZOTAC establishes itself as a brand that produces innovative products, and provides users with quality options for computing needs. Driven by our desire for cutting-edge innovation, we have accelerated our research and development to maintain at the tip of the constantly changing technology scene.
ZOTAC produces our first ever video card - ZOTAC GeForce 7300 GT - and thus births the tradition that combines blazing performance with superior thermal design, giving users ultra settings with smooth frame rates.

ZOTAC CUP, the global platform for casual and professional gamers to connect and compete, is established in the same year and online gaming tournament goes live.
A great year of accomplishments, ZOTAC pushes innovations to the forefront with two incredible achievements. We set the industry standard by providing overclocking to all users with a factory overclock - previously unheard of.

We also create the Original Mini PC by shrinking the desktop PC into a miniature form, beginning the trend of space-saving PCs.
ZOTAC sets a new standard for the environment with the eco series - providing strong performance while lowering power usage and lengthening the lifespan of the graphics card.
ZOTAC stands behind all of our products, and our users yearn for even more protection when they are using them. We listen to the users and begin offering extended warranty for both graphic cards and Mini PCs so everyone has the security of knowing their machines and graphics cards are protected.
Setting the new desktop computing standard to 0db, ZOTAC mutes the Mini PC with the C Series. By designing a brand new thermal solution, the surface of the Mini PC is kept cool even with a fanless design. In a bigger breakthrough, the smartphone-sized ZBOX pico sees light for the first time - enabling desktop applications on the go.
The launch of the new ZOTAC website to bring even more convenient product updates and relevant news to the users. We are also bringing delight for gamers with the hybrid cooling system, ArcticStorm, the gaming titan - ZBOX MAGNUS EN970, and the long awaited Steam Machine.
ZOTAC’s 10th anniversary sees more breakthrough in innovation. We have launched the award-winning pc stick, the world-first liquid cooled VR ready Mini PC MAGNUS EN980, as well as the premier VR backpack ZOTAC VR GO. Plus, ZOTAC CUP has brought the competition stage offline for the first time - ZOTAC CUP MASTERS tournament explodes onto the eSports scene.

Meanwhile, the ZOTAC family welcomes the SONIX PCIE SSD as the new member.
The year ZOTAC announces the new gaming empire, ZOTAC GAMING, with the launch of the ultra-slim desktop MEK1 Gaming PC.

ZBOX also makes major breakthrough with all new design. Not to mention the launch of the thinnest Mini PC, PI225, and the first ZBOX Gaming Mini PC with desktop graphics.
ZOTAC's first miniature workstation solution, ZBOX Q series, makes its debut. C series and VR GO Backpack PC innovate with all-new designs garnering international awards.

ZOTAC GAMING continues to expand its realm by launching the next-generation GeForce RTX graphics card series, and the ultimate gaming system MEK ULTRA.
While ZBOX goes PRO and builds momentum in the embedded industry, MEK MINI becomes the one of the world's smallest gaming desktop PCs launched in the market.

ZOTAC CUP enriches gaming and community with exciting new features including leaderboards and a loyalty program.
The ZOTAC ZBOX MAGNUS ONE launches to redefine the mini PC landscape with award winning design and industry leading performance.
The ZOTAC ZBOX pico PI430AJ with AirJet® debuts as the world’s first mini PC to use a Solid-State Active-Cooling solution, revolutionizing cooling in fanless systems.

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