Get into gaming gear with the new ZOTAC GeForce® GTX™ 950 series. The second generation Maxwell family enables you to do more with less. More power, more stunning graphics, more power efficiency, and simply more fun. Every core will light up your game for a complete HD visual experience.

The GeForce® GTX™ 950 is a true gaming GPU gear for every PC gamer. Transform
your PC into a gaming rig to take on the latest generation games with Maxwell™
architecture and take full advantage of DirectX 12.

FREEZE is an inspired innovation that will enable powerful video cards to become silent and reduce the wear on the fan system. FREEZE activates when the core temperature is below a set threshold. When the user is not in action, the fans idle so users can enjoy the sound that they don't hear. This unique feature is applied to all of our GTX 950 graphics cards.
An enhanced cooling system that goes beyond thermal design to blend extraordinary performance and style into a single architecture. Powerful efficient fans, copper heat-pipes, and a tight array of aluminum fins all combine to reduce noise and accelerate cooling for maximum gaming performance.
A functional aesthetic to the IceStorm cooling system to provide protection and additional durability. The all metal wrap around backplate and metal fan shroud frame with carbon detailing complete the appeal and provide a subtle aggressiveness while still enhancing the performance of the card by reducing vibrations to lower noise further.
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Extract even more performance from your ZOTAC graphics card with the FireStorm software utility. Tweaking and tuning is quick and easy with an easy-to-use interface that presents users with clock speed adjustments, fan control , GPU monitoring functions, and more. With the Quick Boost feature, additional power is only a click away.

1Feature only available on AMP! Edition.

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