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The Original Mini PC (a brief history)

2015.09.10 8:00 PM

Born in 2006, ZOTAC derives its name from the words zone and tact, the two words that aptly describe our technological strength and experience. ZOTAC combines function and design to create technological products that epitomize form, function, and style.

Ever since, we've been pushing the limit of small form factor computing providing users with more and more functionality and features. Most of our mini PC's are VESA mountable allowing for easy and space saving installation. They are suitable for many applications including day to day use, office work, web browsing, streaming, video walls, servers, and gaming. Take a look at our brief history to see the evolution!

2008, ZOTAC rolls out the first ever mini PC, the MAG ND01!



2009, First ZBOX mini PC debuts!

2010, ZOTAC Introduces palm-sized Nano variant!

2010, ZOTAC releases the first mini PC with built in Blu-Ray!

2012, ZOTAC further reduces mini PC size with Nano X varients!

2013, ZOTAC offers extended warranty for mini PC’s!

2014, ZOTAC produces the first pocket-form mini PC with desktop functions! Introducing the P Series!

2014, ZOTAC launches the O Series with its unique spherical design!

2014, ZOTAC releases first fanless mini PC solution! Low power consumption, low heat production, introducing the C Series!

2014, ZOTAC launches E Series, providing gamers with a space saving solution!

2015, ZOTAC introduces the R Series, capable of RAID!

2015, ZOTAC brings small form factor gaming to the next level with our S Series Steam Machines!

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