• 2006

    ZOTAC establishes itself as a brand that produces innovative products, and provides users with quality options for computing needs. Driven by our desire for cutting-edge innovation, we have accelerated our research and development to maintain at the tip of the constantly changing technology scene.

  • 2007

    ZOTAC produces our first ever video card - ZOTAC GeForce 7300 GT - and thus births the tradition that combines blazing performance with superior thermal design, giving users ultra settings with smooth framerates.

  • 2008

    A great year of accomplishments, ZOTAC pushed innovations to the forefront with two incredible achievements. We set the industry standard by providing overclocking to all users with a factory overclock - previously unheard of.


    We also created the Original Mini PC by shrinking the desktop PC into a miniature form, beginning the trend of space-saving PCs.

  • 2009

    ZOTAC set a new standard for the environment with the eco series - providing strong performance while lowering power usage and lengthening the lifespan of the graphics card.

  • 2012

    ZOTAC stands behind all of our products, and our users yearn for even more protection when they are using them. We listened to the users and began offering extended warranty for both graphic cards and Mini PCs so everyone has the security of knowing their machines and graphics cards are protected. 

  • 2014

    Setting the new desktop computing standard to 0db, ZOTAC mutes the Mini PC with the C Series. By designing a brand new thermal solution, the surface of the Mini PC is kept cool even with a fanless design. In a bigger breakthrough, the smartphone-sized PICO sees light for the first time - enabling desktop applications on the go.

  • 2015

    The launch of the new ZOTAC website to bring even more convenient product updates and relevant news to the users. We are also bringing delight for gamers with the hybrid cooling system, ArcticStorm, the gaming titan - ZBOX MAGNUS EN970, and the long awaited Steam Machine.


ZOTAC VGA cards perform up to 15% faster than NVidia reference design*

*Compared between reference GTX980 and GTX980 AMP! Extreme

ZOTAC most energy efficient Mini PC consumes a mere fraction of a desktop's power consumption while providing the same functionalities

The number of graphics cards sold since production first started.

ZOTAC Zone Edition and C Series boast complete operational silence, running fanless and without moving parts. Enjoy absolute silence.

The number of countries ZOTAC has global product availability in.

Setting the industry standard for factory overclocking, the ZOTAC OC Edition continues to provide a boost to gaming performance for that extra punch.

Amplify your gaming performance with more speed out of the box while keeping cool with an IceStorm enhanced cooling system and built solid with support from ExoArmor.

Packed with ZOTAC innovations and features such as IceStorm, ExoArmor, and EKO FAN, the AMP Omega Edition is fine tuned for the most demanding games, enabling users to turn up the heat.

The crown jewel of graphics - The AMP Extreme is engineered with best-in-class gaming performance, fastest out of the box speeds with extreme overclocking, power regulation and thermal design culminated in a single architecture right from the factory.

Crafted for the cooling enthusiast, ArcticStorm delivers unparalleled cooling performance utilizing a hybrid system of air and an add your own water cooling gear to create performance with a virtually limitless thermal ceiling.

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