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ZOTAC Launches Mini PC with Revolutionary Cooling Solution, ARM-Based NVIDIA Jetson Embedded Platforms

2023.10.17 8:45 PM

HONG KONG – October 18, 2023 –ZOTAC TECHNOLOGY, a global manufacturer focused on innovation, launches the world’s first Mini PC featuring the AirJet Solid-State Active Cooling system, as well as a lineup of ARM-based, lightweight edge computing platforms based on the NVIDIA Jetson system on module (SoM).




First debuted at COMPUTEX 2023, the ZBOX PI430AJ with AirJet® is the first product of its kind to feature revolutionary Solid-State Active Cooling technology. With each unit featuring two AirJet® Mini Modules by Frore Systems, these thin, silent modules are capable of removing significant heat through rapid airflow, raising the ZBOX PI430AJ’s thermal ceiling without compromising its form factor.


Taking advantage of the newfound possibilities enabled by the AirJet®, the ZBOX PI430AJ is equipped with an Intel® Core™ i3 processor, 8GB LPDDR5 memory, M.2 SSD storage slot, and more — all within a system the size of a deck of cards.


With no fans or other moving parts, the PI430AJ’s active cooling module operates so quietly that it is only audible when put against one’s ear. Plus, the increased cooling capacity makes it possible to achieve a stronger and more sustained performance, even with a more robust CPU inside.



The solid-state design of the system also implies minimal wear and tear over time, further increasing its stability, reliability, and robustness. The design is also dust-proof, making it possible to sustain its operation in harsher environments.



Although small, the ZBOX PI430AJ with AirJet has a well-rounded selection of connectivity options for peripheral needs. It includes a USB Type-C port and two USB 3.2 Type-A ports, HDMI and DisplayPort display outputs, a full-sized Gigabit LAN port, Bluetooth 5.2, and WiFi 6 wireless connectivity options.



The redesign of the ZBOX pico Series as featured on the ZBOX PI430AJ with AirJet has also had the honor of winning the Good Design Award 2023, Japan’s premier design award for revolutionary products.




The ZBOX PRO lineup of Mini PCs is the choice product series for tighter controlled tolerance needs. Today, ZOTAC is introducing a new category of products into its portfolio.

Powered by the NVIDIA Jetson™ System-on-Module (SoM), the ZBOX PRO Jetson series are cost-effective, small form-factor AI Edge computing units optimized for power efficiency and 24/7 operation. Powered by the world’s leading platform for AI edge computing, these ARM-based solutions are compatible with many sensors, services, and products, speeding up the development and deployment of IoT applications, as well as providing a cost-effective solution for digital signage.

The ARM-based lineup includes the NVIDIA Jetson Nano, Jetson Orin Nano, or Jetson Orin NX SoM which are capable of up to 100 trillion operations per second (TOPS) for AI inference pipelines. These units also feature integrated hardware watchdogs to ensure operational uptimes and industrial-grade high-speed interface support for sensors or other peripherals.



The ZBOX PI430AJ WITH AIRJET® (In both Windows and Barebone configurations) is now available in select regions. For the ZBOX PRO JETSONE-N4, ZBOX PRO JETSONE-ON4, ZBOX PRO JETSONE-ON8, ZBOX PRO JETSONE-OX8 and ZBOX PRO JETSONE-OX16, please contact us for sales inquiry.


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