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Helping to Make a Difference

2021.03.05 11:30 AM



When something as big as the COVID-19 pandemic comes around, the everyday things we are accustomed to comes to a halt. Well… not quite to a screeching halt but how we end up doing them are changed. Take for example those who rely on visits to the doctor to get check-ups, routine care, rehab, and many other reasons to see a doctor. With cases rising, social distancing, mask wearing, and stay at home orders are public safety measures to help control the spread but it also has an inadvertent effect on those who need medical care as Hospitals close outpatient services.


Evolv, a European medical device manufacturer specializing in developing rehabilitation technologies, saw a real need to assist its clinical partners in some manner and wanted to do something to help. Their idea to build a RehabKit to donate to various hospitals around the world so their healthcare professionals can continue their patient care services work remotely and safely was great but they needed a system small enough to keep the solution compact but powerful enough to run the solution.


When the opportunity opened to help make a difference, ZOTAC wholeheartedly agreed to donate ZBOX MAGNUS E series units to the cause when Evolv reached out.

A three partner collaboration project including Microsoft as the RehabKit utilized their Kinect hardware. The RehabKit was in-turn donated to various Hospitals around the world to aid in their rehabilitation care services. A service once requiring close physical presence of both the healthcare professional and patient but no longer possible due to the safety risk in the COVID-19 pandemic. But with the RehabKit, the rehabilitation care program can continue on safely and remotely.


Photo provided by and credited to Evolv showing a user using the Evolv RehabKit powered by a ZOTAC ZBOX.


Learn more from the Evolv press release

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