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1st Place

Beneath the surface there’s a powerful system hiding next to corals. Built by 14x of laser cut acrylic, each one housing a pair of digital LEDs. Cooling is as good as the HW were under water and the rolling wave LEDs bring the case to life.

2nd Place

One day there was an explosion during the experiments. Despite the leak, all the power still resides inside the toxic skull. A computer inspired by post-apocalyptic climates. I additionally highlighted the interior and the container with green LEDs.

3rd Place
Havok Nation

We are very passionate about Modding. The idea of this combat robot was inspired by various Movies, Games and Animes.
Our combat robot is code-named HN-0 Z-Bot, actual name Barbarik. Hope you will like our Small, Powerful and "Eye-catchy" Barbarik.

Ali "The Cre8or" Abbas

No one can hear you scream tonight!
Organicly sterile, unholy and hostile,
"LIL ALI-EN" is a humble hommage to the great artist H.R.Giger.
Look under the bed then kill the lights and be haunted in
your dreams, for when she is seething, you stop breathing!
Monstru & Gabi

Unifier and father of Europe, founder of the Carolingian Empire, Carolus Magnus (Charlemagne) is our theme of choice, with a tainted glass like approach. A great legacy, for a truly great system (Zotac Magnus One), with heavy emphasis on RGB. A lot of it!
Kaleeva Custom Design

Hail be to glory, hail be to honor
Hail be to Eivor, warrior in Valor
May the bite of my axe tear thy bone to the flesh
Assasinating your creed, to your terminal breath
See thy life from soul ,let be it divorced
For "Eivor Varinsdottir" will see it enforced

Center Gaming

Theme inspired by the Zotac brand, 3d printing front, laser engraved methacrylate sides and metal sheet, we have also created a fictitious nuclear power plant, simulating the generation of energy to power the pc (pc cooling)

White Oak

White Oak perfectly combines a glossy white paintjob, a polished Aluminum Frame and wooden accents to a stylish and elegant Gaming PC which perfectly fits into a living room with its custom Watercooling Loop and remote controlled RGB Lights.

The Mamut One
Toro Tocho

This mood was an idea of one of my friends and is all made of cement and a base of Metal.
Additionaly, the RGB is a must have for a gaming PC so, in the tail have a little RGB led strip for an extra of FPS

Explore Modding

Inspired by 50s cars and retro Sci-Fi design, Icarus-1 brings the Magnus to life with full custom aluminum panelling, built-in support for external watercooling and a 10° tilt floating design. RGB lights enhance the front and bottom with a warm glow.

Vintage 15

"Vintage 15" takes you back to the 70's with it's old radio aesthetic. Embrace your nostalgic side with this piece of futuristic hardware, with iconic colors, wooden feet and an RGB mode that reacts to sound. Perfect companion for podcasts and retro gaming.

HAL 2000

Hello HAL do you read me?
*I am sorry Mike but I can’t allow you to finish this ZOTAC Challenge in time.
HAL give me the key to unlock the Wi-Fi so I can Upload the files!
*I am sorry Mike, I am afraid I can’t do that
You going to regret this HAL! ‘Activating Mobile Internet’…bey HALL!


Fear the mighty Warhawk! Modding this classic Warbird inspired Magnus One brought me back to my younger years when I used to make model kits with my dad. As a proper aviation geek the choice of design was quickly made!

Magnus One Spengler Edition

What if a Ghostbuster built something different? Welding together spare Proton Pack and Ghost Trap parts lying around Egon Spenglers basement in Summerville, this dusty, old experimental contraption is packed full of high tech goodness from Zotac!

Project AI 117
Phenom Design

Project AI 117 is my vision of a possible robotic AI for the master chief of HALO. Don’t fear to exploit the powerfull hardware with the new CPU watercooling system. Discret RGB system will allow you to see the graphic card. Collector case for Halo gamer.

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