MI523 & MI543 & MI545 Landing Page
The redesigned, award winning nano sized M Series reinvents productivity and performance in the same small form factor. Introducing the MI523 nano, MI543 nano and MI545 nano, all of which excel at their own designs touched with next gen technologies and features. The newly redesigned M Series nano models feature an Intel 6th generation Intel Core Skylake processor, enabling a wide variety of productivity and entertainment tasks with less power.

2016 D&I Awards (Best in Computer and Systems)
The COMPUTEX d&i awards, hosted for the first time in 2008 by TAITRA in cooperation with iF, have become a constant feature of the COMPUTEX TAIPEI trade fair. It honors products that stand out through excellent design.
Curved edges, a breathable frame and intuitive I/O placement makes the new M Series nano smarter and more easily accessible. Lay it, hang it, hide it or place it anywhere you like for an easy to use, no hassle experience.
At the core of the new M Series sits an Intel 6th Generation Skylake Core processor, each providing performance for demanding applications while reducing carbon footprint when idle.
The new M Series nano feature* Intel Active Management Technology (AMT). Increasing management efficiency and effectiveness, Intel AMT allows IT or managed service providers to better discover, repair, and protect.
*Available on MI545 nano.
The M Series nano has the muscle to process demanding tasks while keeping the noise level to a whisper. Not only does it feature a solid aluminum block and a Smart Fan that effectively transfer heat away from the important bits, the redesigned frame also further enhances heat dissipation, allowing the fan to work less while keeping the M Series nano cool and quiet.
Take entertainment to Ultra HD. You can enjoy 4K visuals with Intel HD Graphics 520, or expand your viewing area with dual display support featuring DisplayPort and HDMI. It also has the muscles to perform graphical work or play a few light games, making the M Series nano well-rounded.
With two USB 3.1 ports supporting up to 10 Gbps as well as USB 3.0 ports, peripheral add-ons and swift data transfers have never been easier or as fast. Whether it is for additional peripherals or simply transferring data to an external storage, you will get minimal latency with lightning speed.
PLUS models are pre-installed with 4GB memory and 120GB SSD for nimble load times. Simply install your preferred OS and you're ready to go.
The award winning new M Series nano is available in 3 models.
For a computing solution that is powerful yet energy saving.
Increased processing power for greater performance.
Advanced technologies and features for unrivaled productivity.

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