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Fear knows no bounds. Cooling performance is engineered. ArcticStorm is fearless cooling. Enabling free reign, full throttle GPU performance without fear of a thermal ceiling. In combination with NVIDIA Maxwell architecture, unrivaled graphics performance meets fearless cooling.

The ultimate cooling solution. A hybridized cooling system blending extreme performance and style into a unified architecture. A design incorporating the best components to maximize cooling including copper, wide array aluminum fin stack, wide blade fans, and liquid cooling supplemented with simple installation. Go direct air cooling or combine liquid and air cooling for maximum chill.
Seal Tight
Each copper waterblock undergoes through stages of performance checks to ensure a seal tight enclosure.
10mm Flexibility
ArcticStorm provides headroom by allowing a bring your own liquid cooling solution for added customization utilizing a standard 10mm threaded fitting. Pre-installed caps add dust protection until you’re ready to liquid cool for maximum chill.
ArcticStorm comes embedded with the latest breakthrough from ZOTAC - FREEZE technology. FREEZE is an inspired innovation that will enable powerful video cards to become silent and reduce the wear on the fan system. When the user is not in action, the fans idle so users can enjoy the sound that they don't hear.
Carbon ExoArmor
A functional aesthetic to provide protection and additional durability. The all metal wrap around backplate and metal framed fan shroud with carbon detailing complete the appeal and provide a subtle aggressiveness while still enhancing the performance by reducing vibrations to minimize noise levels further.
Extract even more performance with the FireStorm software utility. Tweaking and tuning is quick and easy with an easy to use interface that presents users with clock speed adjustments, fan control , GPU monitoring functions, and more. With the Quick Boost feature, additional power is only a click away.

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