The ZOTAC Philosophy

“We deliver unrivaled components and systems suitable for all needs and requirements,” says ZOTAC CEO Tony Wong. “Enthusiasts, gamers, students, businesses and corporations… everyone that requires components and systems, we deliver unsurpassed products in all segments with superior performance, reliability and customer service.”

ZOTAC's core philosophy embodies our commitment and guides our research and development to deliver first-class products that you can rely on.

We have 10 internal guidelines that embody our core philosophy and we want to share them with you:

Focus on the users

We value our users at ZOTAC and focus on delivering a trouble-free experience throughout your ownership of our products. ZOTAC strategically places sales and customer service offices in select countries to provide you with easy access to our excellent support staff in your native languages.

Our commitment continues after your purchase

We are constantly searching for new ways to let you take greater advantage of your ZOTAC product. Our commitment to you continues long after your purchase, whether it is an extension of your warranty, free software, online gaming tournaments, discounts on new software, or the latest driver updates, you can always rely on ZOTAC.

Listen to what users want

We take user feedback of our products and general feedback of components and mini-PCs seriously at ZOTAC. We listen to all feedback, whether posted on forums, submitted via email or even tweeted about, ZOTAC cares about what you as an end user have to say about current and upcoming products.

Deliver superior quality and reliability

At ZOTAC we strive to deliver products that pass the most rigorous testing to ensure absolute reliability with all of the products we manufacture. Our focus reflects our entire lineup; from entry-level to enthusiasts, all of our products deliver the same award-winning quality and reliability that abides by our strict standards.

Always deliver the latest products and technologies

The computing industry moves fast with technological advancements nearly every day. At ZOTAC, we promise to always stay on the cutting edge with our components and mini-PCs. Cutting edge doesn’t just mean enthusiast components. Our cutting edge focus applies to all of our products. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for - entry-level, mainstream or enthusiast products – we will always deliver the newest and advanced technologies with all of our products.

Always be honest

Honesty is vital to our success at ZOTAC and we are committed to always being honest. We believe that being honest with everyone – our employees, our customers, and our partners – is the key to forming a trusting relationship.

Award winning is not good enough

We never rest on our laurels at ZOTAC. Just because our products win many awards, it doesn’t mean we will stop there. At ZOTAC, we continually work on our products with absolute commitment to ensure our products have the specifications, features and quality that our users demand.

Give back to the community

ZOTAC supports the community through many efforts that include social networking and gaming competitions. We have an active presence on FaceBook and Twitter where users can ask questions or post comments directly for us to see. The weekly ZOTAC Cups enables gamers of all skills to compete in different games for a chance to win ZOTAC products and cash.

Computing needs crosses all borders and oceans

We live in a digital world where the Internet is available in every country. We designed our website with many different regional websites catered towards your lingual needs. ZOTAC is here for you no matter where you are or what language you speak.

Enjoy what you do while you do it

We want you to enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed making it. ZOTAC is home to many employees that work hard to deliver our outstanding graphics cards, motherboards, mini-PCs and accessories. We ensure that everyone at ZOTAC enjoys what they do and take pride in their hard work so that our products can be enjoyed by everyone.

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