Warranty Manager

Congratulations on purchasing a ZOTAC product and welcome to the ultimate in quality, service, support and reliability. We are extremely confident that you will be 100% satisfied with your ZOTAC purchase. ZOTAC is one of few manufacturers to offer a complete extended warranty ensuring that in the very unlikely event something does go wrong, you as a customer will be covered. 

Simply register your product below and enjoy peace-of-mind as well as the best in quality, performance, reliability, value-for-money and service and support. 

Extended Warranty Details

• The ultimate in quality, service, support and reliability

• Extra product protection with product registration

• Product must be registered within 28 days of purchase

• Mini-PC, Mainboard or Graphics Card must not be damaged/tampered with by user

• Serial number and unique identification sticker must not be tampered, damaged or removed

• Original receipt is required for extended warranty service

• Customer seeking warranty service must be the first owner of the product 


• Battery, hard drive and memory of mini-PCs and accessories are excluded from Extended Warranty service

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