VGA Basics

VGA Basics


Q: Why should my next computer have an NVIDIA-based ZOTAC graphics card?

A: NVIDIA-based ZOTAC graphics cards deliver a premium Vista experience, with aero glass user interface, and phenomenal gaming performance. ZOTAC graphics cards also deliver the best quality and performance in high-definition video playback for life-like visuals and low CPU utilization. Q: Why do I need a GPU?

A: Your computer needs a GPU, or graphics processing unit, to display images on your monitor. Every computer requires a GPU or nothing would show up on the screen. The GPU works with the CPU, or central processing unit, to make the computer work. The GPU makes everything show up visually while the CPU handles all the background tasks you don’t see.

Q: How does a GPU upgrade benefit me?

A: Your computer needs a dedicated GPU, or graphics processing unit, to process complex 3D instructions and tasks. Not all GPUs are equal, however. Some computers come with GPUs built into the motherboard while some have dedicated GPUs that are upgradable.

Integrated GPUs are typically fine for Internet browsing, but lack the extra power required for gaming and other 3D heavy tasks. However, some systems with integrated GPUs are upgradable to dedicated GPUs. The GPU can be upgraded via PCI Express or AGP expansion slots.

A dedicated GPU will provide greater processing power then an integrated GPU. The greater processing power delivers faster frame rates and image quality in games, 3D applications and video playback tasks for a smoother visual user experience. With an NVIDIA-based ZOTAC graphics cards, users can extract the best performance from their system in all graphics-related tasks.

Q: Why does Windows Vista need a GPU?

A: Windows Vista features a new user interface called Aero Glass. Unlike Windows XP, Aero Glass requires a graphics card to be DirectX 9 compliant to render fancy 3D visual effects in Windows. Aero Glass features new translucent windows, expanding dialogue boxes and other visual features processed by your GPU. With an NVIDIA-based ZOTAC graphics card, Windows Vista and the new Aero Glass user interface will run in full quality quickly and smoothly without hesitation.

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