Welcome to the ZOTAC Z-Zone

The ZOTAC Z-Zone is where you can stay up to date with the latest news through the ZOTAC newsletter, register your ZOTAC product with the warranty manager, enter to compete against hundreds of other gamers in one of the many ZOTAC Cups, stay informed about the latest ZOTAC promotions and contests.

Registering your ZOTAC product(s) ensures access to ZOTAC resources such as the latest driver and utility updates and most important of all, the confirmation that your ZOTAC card will be taken care of should you ever run into any problems.

The ZOTAC Cup is a big part of the ZOTAC Z-Zone. ZOTAC sponsors gaming tournaments where gamers put their skills to the test to compete for prizes in various games.

Z-Zone is also where you can find out about the latest promotions including new game and software bundles, discounts on games and applications, and even game and application downloads.

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