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ZOTAC CUP NEWS - February 2019

2019.03.05 4:00 AM

February is finished and spring is just around the corner! Before we move on to warmer weather and even more eSports tournaments in the ZOTAC CUP series, let’s take a quick look back at what happened in February! Here we’ll take a look at the Overwatch, League of Legends, and Fortnite tournament winners who were able to beat out the competition and claim a top 3 spot and a piece of the cash prize pool. The competition was heated and only these truly skilled players and teams could surpass all of their opponents to get here.




The Overwatch ZOTAC CUP tournaments  have been a long time favorite in the community, and as soon as they’re announced, many teams join and try to show their excellent teamwork off, trying to prove that their team has what it takes. This is easier said than done though, as teams go up against other extremely coordinated teams and the will to succeed is equal. Team comps and strategy mean just as much as technical skill in Overwatch, leading to games that are always exciting.


Overwatch #18 - Korea

1st Place: BM HAWK

2nd Place: GZA

3rd Place: 감귤해적단


Overwatch #19 - North America

1st Place: BarahNOW (Infinity)

2nd Place: Synergy Esport

3rd Place: cocktail


Overwatch #21 - South America

1st Place: Valorous

2nd Place: BarahNOW (Infinity)

3rd Place: Cimarrón E-Sports


Overwatch #23 - Europe


2nd Place: Team Wavy

3rd Place: Kawaii Kiwis


League of Legends


Similarly to Overwatch, League of Legends is another game where great teamwork is a priority. From the banning and drafting phase all the way through to the end of the game, your team must be communicating and strategizing constantly. Teams that were able to defeat their opponents and rise to the top 3 spot showed that their mastery over the game and teamwork skills were enough to win these tournaments.


League of Legends - Europe

1st Place: team name

2nd Place: Pony SlayStation v2

3rd Place: Kto to?


League of Legends - Latin America North

1st Place: Taipei

2nd Place: SAUDADE

3rd Place: Valorem Esports


League of Legends - North America

1st Place: Semantics

2nd Place: exsagonal big bois

3rd Place: Vesticus Black




In a typical top 4 finals bracket in a 2v2 Fortnite duos tournament, it’s not uncommon to see teams enter lobbies and wipe almost a third of the entire lobby. Teams are competing to see who can take out the most squads of 4 and rack up the most kills, which means these games are anything but boring. Each of the duos must make calculated rotations to increase their chance of getting the jump on teams, not to mention the skill these teams we’ll cover had to show to be able to consistently take out teams twice their size in these lobbies.


Fortnite 2v2 #48

1st Place: TRK

2nd Place: Invalid

3rd Place: DRose


Fortnite 2v2 #49

1st Place: DRose

2nd Place: Team Astral

3rd Place: Strix F&D


While that may be it for February, March is going to be even bigger and better for ZOTAC CUP. More tournaments. More games. More intense competition, and a cash prize for all of them! ZOTAC CUP tournaments are the best place to test your skills and compete against other highly skilled players.  Don’t miss out on next month’s tournaments if you think you have what it takes. Head to the ZOTAC CUP Portal to find a tournament and register. You can also connect with us and keep up to date by following @ZOTAC, @Battlefy, the ZOTAC Facebook, and the ZOTAC CUP Facebook. We’re excited to see if we’ll be talking about you next month!


Good luck, and have fun!

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