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ZOTAC CUP Moves onto New Battlegrounds

2016.12.09 4:00 AM

We are pleased to announce to our players and fans that ZOTAC CUP is about to get even more exciting. Visit our new home here, where it is now upgraded to add more games and more cups into the fold; and it is friendlier than ever with 9 languages served. Game matching will now be even easier with more dedicated regions along with our new games.

Keeping with our tradition of Blizzard games, fans can continue to enjoy Hearthstone, the fast-paced strategy card game, with weekly cups across the Americas, Asia and Europe.


For those of you who are waiting for Overwatch, IT IS HERE! The critically acclaimed FPS has finally landed at ZOTAC CUP for the first time. Now band together and strike at your opponents for the victory. With tournaments in 6 dedicated regions, you can be sure to find opponents from anywhere around the world.


Now, fans can also enjoy two popular MOBA titles in DOTA2 and League of Legends. Grab your teammates and hit the familiar battlegrounds and rain chaos on your opponents. Coupled with the fan favorite – Rocket League – this coming year is going to be a real blast!


Watching streams now only takes 2 simple steps. Head over to the ZOTAC CUP page, then scroll down. Don’t miss out on the live excitement!

Remember, ZOTAC CUP will always be free to join, free to play. Keep up-to-date with our monthly newsletters or follow us on Facebook.

Visit our new home!

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