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2018.08.28 10:15 PM

Brazilian fan-favorites MIBR walked away $200,000 dollars richer this weekend. The newly-formed Counter Strike squad took home the ZOTAC CUP MASTERS trophy after breezing through opponents Flash Gaming, MVP, and Team Kinguin, showing the crowd at the E-sports and Music Festival why they’re one of the top teams in the scene.


After their celebrations, the team sat down and discussed their preparations for the event, how they’re coming together as a team, and what this win meant for them.



Q: After Janko [coach] joined the team, what’s the difference?


Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo: I think Janko has been helping a lot in terms of adding discipline to the team, so when we were playing with teammates for so long, and now playing with the Americans recently, you kind of get too friendly. Sometimes, you should be asking for stuff and asking for discipline but you’re just too friendly with them and it doesn't go your way. When you have another person come from outside and add those parameters, those things you have to follow and stuff like that, I think it helps add a little more professionalism to the team. Besides that, I think he has a very good mindset in to the game. He can read our opponents pretty well. He’s still trying to find what’s the best way to work with us, but it’s been great so far.  


Q: As the new member to the team, what do you feel about this championship?


Tarik "tarik" Celik: I think it’s really good for our confidence moving forward. I think that this was an important win for us, and we came into the event telling ourselves that anything but a win would be disappointing. I think it’s also important because the major is coming up, and also Stockholm, and Stockholm will be a big test for us because there will be a lot of good teams there so hopefully we can take this momentum and ride on with it.


Q: [to Fer] How are your injuries?


Fernando “fer” Alvarenga: For both my injuries I went to the doctor now on this vacation, this player break, and I got bad news; I have to do the surgery at the end of this year because it’s getting worse. But we’re going to figure this out and I need like, thirty days rest so… we are thinking about this but I am one hundred percent sure doing the surgery at the end of this year.  


Q: Three of you are from Brazil and speak Portuguese, and then the other two speak English. So normally when you do competitions or internal discussions, what language do you use?


Tarik "tarik" Celik: We speak English. Janko made that a big rule going forward. They used to talk a little bit of Portuguese, but every team talk that we have and every conversation we have now is mainly English. It also helps to improve their English so it’s getting better for them as well. So I think it’s not going to be a problem for us moving forward, I think we’ve mastered playing CS in English at this point.


Q: Many of you guys have opened their stream on Twitch, I think you pushed them to open it... I [see] you guys always playing Pubs together, and streaming…


Tarik "tarik" Celik: We’ll we’re just trying to show our fans our new team, and show everyone that we have a good time together, and also just let the fans see inside a bit more so it’s like an inside scoop… and just to put out that content for everybody.



Q: For Stockholm and the major, what kind of preparation or strategy will you have?

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo: I think preparation will be pretty much the same as we had for this tournament, ZOTAC. That’s why we say that this tournament was important because this was how we were going to prepare for other tournaments as well. A lot of practice days, sub times, we were going over strategies, trying to figure out new stuff we can do. Most of the time we were playing against different teams. Normally teams that placed not on the top level, but the teams that were trying to get there so we could use our stuff and not let our real opponents know what we were going to do. It’s basically around six to eight hours a day. The important part of the practices is not only playing Counter Strike for playing. A lot of teams just keep playing but they don’t really practice, they don’t really learn. So the main focus, and that’s a point that Janko has been pointing out a lot, that we have to take a lot out of every practice we do and learn something from it.  


Q: After Tarik joined mibr, what would you say is the difference between you and Faze?


Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo: We’re cooler! And we have the freshest clothes! [laughs] Kidding, Faze are a great team as well, they have a lot of talent. I think in game you can see a lot of difference in the playstyle we put in. Faze guards a little bit more on the A [?]. A lot of their gameplay is based on taking the duos and winning them, and they do that pretty well. Ourselves I think are a little bit more strategic than Faze. In terms of the international team, we only have Brazilians and Americans, so we can still say we are made in America or made in Brazil. They have players from around the world. I think they all have different nationalities, so it’s pretty cool as well.   


Q: Which team was your biggest enemy in the scene?


Jake "Stewie2K" Yip: It’s kind of hard to say. I’d say Astralis because we just want to smash them I guess, and that’s it.


Q: What’s the most impressive thing, or the thing you’ll remember the most, during the competition of the ZOTAC CUP MASTERS?


Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo: So when we go and travel for Asia in general it’s always a very different experience for us because it the cultural differences are so big. The way things happen in our country, the US, and here are so different. It’s always very cool to be in Asia because the fans are very passionate. Everytime we go you know it’s going to be full. When we saw the crowd today at the finals it was insane, you couldn’t sit anyone else. Every seat was taken. That’s so cool because Counter Strike is a game where the best place to be playing is on a stage in front of a full crowd. That was one thing that impressed us a lot. The other thing is the way they treat us. Always coming for pictures, always coming for signatures. When we can’t stay for too long because we have other things to do, or we don’t have time anymore, they always understand so I think the Asian fans are awesome. It was a big privilege to play in this tournament. Regarding the ZOTAC tournament itself, I think the structure was good. As I said, Asia has to do more and more tournaments to get to the level of the other tournaments. But this was a very good tournament. The computers were very good. They had practice areas. One or another mistake, but everything was done completely good for the players and we enjoyed being here.   



Q: How did it feel to play on the official gaming system of ZOTAC Gaming, the MEK1 Gaming PC?


Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo: I think the pcs were great, it’s very close to the level of what we always play. We had the perfect structure, the monitors were good. The computers were pretty good as well. I don't think anyway suffered too much during the matches. We played on a high level here, and that’s very important for us to be doing our best at tournaments.


Q: What did you expect coming into this tournament and


Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo: Coming to this tournament we expected to start a new cycle for ourselves as I said before. Janko just joined us and this is our first tournament with Tarik [?], and our expectations were higher. We did want to win this trophy. People might say this tournament wasn’t important and the best teams were not there but every tournament counts. Now a days, Counter Strike is always impressive. Every team knows how to play this game. If you think you can just come here without practice, just look at the group stage. A lot of good teams lost., OpTic, those guys are way better than what they showed today and the last days of this tournament. You really need preparation, and for us, this wasn’t just another tournament. This was a very important tournament. We’re starting a new cycle and it starts with the ZOTAC CUP.




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