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ZOTAC Introduces New Series of NPU-Accelerated Intel and AMD ZBOX AI PCs

2024.03.28 9:45 AM

ZOTAC TECHNOLOGY, a global company focused on innovation, announces three brand-new series of compact form-factor mini AI PCs powered by cutting-edge processors. These mini AI PCs, powered by Intel and AMD processors with dedicated Neural Processing Units (NPU), let users embrace the next generation of computing empowered by Artificial Intelligence.

Accelerated with embedded NPUs within Intel® Core™ Ultra and AMD Ryzen™ Processors, the brand-new AI PC ZBOX lineup brings the power of Artificial Intelligence to the desk, allowing users to jumpstart their productivity or creativity with AI-powered acceleration. ZBOX’s signature lightweight form factor chassis coupled with next-gen hardware create a new generation of versatile, capable personal computers that are smarter to use and even easier to set up.

ZOTAC ZBOX edge MI672 / MI652

Ultra Intelligent, Ultra Efficient

At the forefront of the AI PC pack is ZOTAC’s new addition to the ZBOX M Series lineup. Featuring the latest Meteor Lake Intel® Core Ultra 7 155H and 5 125H processors, the ZBOX edge MI672 / MI652 is a low-profile designed system that isn’t just powerful, but equally power-efficient thanks to its newly introduced LPE cores, which are better suited for lower-demand applications.

The processor also features an integrated Neural Processing Unit (NPU), specifically designed for AI-related tasks, making it capable of outperforming traditional CPUs in AI Applications while consuming less power, making it ideal for always-on AI software processes. These new additions also contribute to the Intel® Core Ultra’s superior power efficiency. More AI-powered applications that take advantage of the NPU will be arriving soon from major Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) actively collaborating with Intel.

Intel® ARC Graphics

Meteor Lake processors are also the first of their kind to integrate Intel ARC Graphics, which can deliver up to 2x graphics performance compared to previous generations. With Intel ARC Graphics bolstering the ZBOX edge MI672 / MI652, users can run more graphics-intensive tasks right on the machine, and even enjoy light gaming.

Users can also leverage Intel ARC Graphics for various Generative AI workloads to enhance workflows, thanks to OpenVINO, Intel‘s software toolkit. Some applications that can leverage OpenVINO’s acceleration are Stable Diffusion, a popular image-generation application, and OpenVINO AI effects for Audacity, which allow users to separate or transcribe audio tracks, or even remix music tracks using the power of Generative AI.


ZOTAC AI Express

The ZOTAC AI Express wizard, specifically made for ZBOX and equipped with Intel Core Ultra processors, compiles popular frontends for the image generation application, Stable Diffusion, for a hassle-free and easy setup experience. It ensures users new to AI can quickly begin to experience Generative AI with ease. Bundled with each system in the included USB Flash drive and also downloadable from ZOTAC’s website, the setup wizard will walk users through the entire setup process, with no additional research or downloads needed.

A Complete Desktop in the Palm of Your Hands

The ZBOX edge MI672 / MI652 comes with a full suite of I/O including 6 USB 3.2 ports, an HDMI port, and DisplayPort video output, as well as WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connectivity options.

The ZBOX edge MI672 / MI652 is compatible with DDR5-5600/5200 SODIMM memory modules, supporting dual channel memory up to 64GB for a smoother multitasking experience, as well as up to 2 M.2 NVMe SSDs for fast storage.

ZBOX CI671 / CI651 nano

ZOTAC’s ZBOX C Series lineup, comprised of fanless, compact Mini PCs, also receives an AI-boosted addition. The ZBOX CI671 / CI651 nano is equipped with an Intel Core Ultra 7 155U or Core Ultra 5 125U processor, which also features LPE Cores and a dedicated NPU unit for efficiency and AI acceleration.

As with the tradition of the ZBOX C Series lineup, the CI671 / CI651 nano incorporates a passive cooling design with no moving parts, which offers a silent computing experience and increased longevity. Thanks to the improved efficiency of Intel® Core Ultra U processors, less heat is also generated, ensuring optimal performance even under load.

Like the rest of the ZBOX family, the CI671 / CI651 nano is fully featured as a desktop despite its small size, with a complete set of I/O comprising of 5 USB 3.2 ports, as well as HDMI and DisplayPort video outputs allowing for up to 3 displays for enhanced productivity. The design of the chassis allows for tool-less disassembly to facilitate easy upgrades to memory modules and storage for the perfect silent machine.

ZBOX edge MA762

The MA762 is a leapfrog product to ZOTAC’s AMD Mini PC lineup. Featuring the AMD 7840HS APU, it is compatible with the AMD Ryzen™ AI Software, which includes the tools and runtime libraries needed to optimize and deploy AI inference applications on the embedded neural processing unit. The embedded NPU also frees up CPU and GPU resources for other computing tasks, thus enhancing power efficiency. Developers can leverage the AMD Vitis™ AI quantizer to quantize the model into INT8 and save it in ONNX format for faster on-device AI inference.

Paired with an integrated AMD Radeon 780M Graphics, the ZBOX edge MA762 inherits its gaming DNA to offer impressive gaming performance with light to medium settings at up to 1080p resolution. Whether it is time to be productive with a dual monitor setup or to unwind and play a few rounds of your favorite competitive video games, the ZBOX edge MA762 offers performance much larger than its compact, low-profile design suggests.

The ZBOX edge MA762 has a full suite of I/O connections, wired or wireless, with the added feature of dual Gigabit Ethernet support, for a more versatile and secure network connection setup.



The ZBOX edge MI672 / MI652, ZBOX edge MA762, and ZBOX CI671 / 651 nano, in barebone configurations, will be available for purchase in select regions starting today.

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