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The ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3080 AMP Holo is an uplift from traditional GPU design transforming the ideas of gaming, futuristic, minimalistic, and simplistic cues into a cohesive product design. The 3080 AMP Holo features HoloBlack, an inspiring electroplated workmanship on a translucent flourish. A unique design embracing an iridescent holographic finish that will captivate the eye with the shifts of color across the design.

"Inspired by the elusive aurora lights, the HoloBlack design featured on the AMP Holo models showcase a very out-of-the-box design. Such a design concept was never been seen on graphics hardware," says Danny Wong, Product Director of Graphics Card.
The ZOTAC ZBOX MAGNUS ONE is a design forward transition of the traditional ZBOX minimal and simplistic design. The MAGNUS ONE design adds and elevates elegance and incorporates functionality with the traditional minimal and simplistic design. Utilizing mixed materials and enhanced textures, a simple dis-assembly process, and integration of powerful core components, MAGNUS ONE is a full-featured desktop PC veiled in the elegance of compact design.

"The case is easy to open without using any tools, and the components and cables are arranged tidily inside. The absence of clutter is achieved by our team's hard work, dedication and their commitment to improving the user experience," says Jacky Huang, Product Director of ZBOX Mini PC.
The ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3090 AMP Core Holo incorporates the full vision from our designer. The ideas of gaming, futuristic, minimalistic, and simplistic cues melt into a cohesive product design. The 3090 AMP Core Holo incorporates the full vision of the HoloBlack design language covering a larger surface area of the graphics card to more emphasize its aesthetic visibility.

"Fine tuning the balance of transparency, firmness, and color accuracy while not comprising on the quality and presentation of the lighting was a real challenge to achieve," says Ho Ming Chan, Product Manager of Graphics Card.
Red Dot Award: Product Design
The Red Dot Award: Product Design, whose origins date back to 1955, appraises the best products created every year. In roughly 50 categories, manufacturers and designers can enter their innovations in the competition. According to the motto “In search of good design and innovation”, the jury evaluates the entries and only awards a Red Dot to products that win them over with their high design quality. Every year, the Red Dot Award: Product Design is awarded to the year’s best products. Whether aesthetically appealing, functional, smart or innovative, what the award-winning objects have in common is their outstanding design quality.
Computex Special Award
The show strives to continually build the global technology ecosystem by showcasing advanced technologies and groundbreaking innovations. To drive the ambition for creativity and optimized R&D, TAITRA, one of the COMPUTEX organizers, organizes the COMPUTEX d&i awards, a global design and innovation contest. An elite panel of judges from various backgrounds and professions, including ICT industry experts, venture capitalists, accelerators and media, will review submissions based on five key criteria—"Innovation", "Technical", "Functionality", "Social", " Craftsmanship and Aesthetics". Out of a total of 166 submissions, only three are awarded the Computex Special Award.

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