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MAGNUS ONE Challenge – Week 3 Recap

2021.12.09 1:15 PM

We are in the fourth and last week of the MAGNUS ONE Challenge. The 15 casemodders have until next week Wednesday, December 15, to finish their projects before the big voting starts. As a reminder, there is a 15,000 USD prize pool at stake, divided into three categories.

  • Best Overall Design (3 winners)
  • Best RGB Integration (1 winner)
  • Best Theme (1 winner)

But first, let's take a look at the past week and see how the mini-PCs have evolved. Small spoiler: It's getting colorful!

By the way, if you haven't checked out the reviews of the past two weeks, you can find them here:


Roma Gallardo (Center Gaming)

It was very quiet around Center Gaming for the first few weeks, but now they have presented their first update. And of course, they chose the best theme they could have. *cough* ZOTAC GAMING *cough*



Also for the first time we see something from the Swede, Timpelay, who has dedicated the first weeks to the development of his concept. His theme is about the ocean, and he wants to build a completely custom open frame case for it. We are curious about the final design. 



With CzugA, the PC continues to take shape. The mod reminds us a lot of the world of Fallout. This toxic green, combined with this rustic look of the case. On the PC we see a tank. Is that perhaps the expansion tank for a custom water-cooling system?


Explore Modding

Let there be light at Explore Modding. His milled parts come together for the first time for a fit-test and his vision from the 3D software becomes reality. Also, a first impression of his RGB integration becomes visible. Can you already see the chosen theme?


Kaleeva Custom Design

What makes Vikings? Exactly, their blacksmithing and the beautiful decorations. That's exactly what Kaleeva picks up in her mod. The PC has been given an all around metallic look. And also the VALHALLA artwork now shines with a matching RGB backlight.

When Kaleeva starts something, she finishes it. She also gave the components this metallic look. That's what I call attention to detail!


Ali Abbas "The Cre8or"

The third week is probably all about RGB lighting. This is also the case with Ali Abbas. In line with the ALIENS movie series, the PC starts to glow in a slimy green shade.

As with the first week, he has a little video of his work:

For many, the upgrade to water cooling seems to be very important. This is also the case for the German duo BT-CustomPC or also called Blass Brothers.


Mod 83

Mod83 probably has the largest case. According to its own information, the case has grown by a proud 25%. Since there is not much to see yet, we do not want to spoil the theme that Mod83 has chosen. However, it should be said that he still has a lot to do.



Meanwhile, MP-Customized is more innovative. It installs a display in the front. The front panel itself comes from a 3D printer. He also builds a completely new connection for the 8-pin connector for the graphics card, to create more order and less cable clutter. Maybe we should adapt that in the future. 

By the way, he also shows all of his misprint. This shows once again that the creative process is a big back and forth and not always everything goes smoothly. And that's good, because only with failures, we can learn new things and gain necessary experience. And that applies in all areas of life.



moda'a'foca also shows that it is in full swing with a first picture of the newly colored parts of the case. Even if we don't know yet where the journey will go.  It will definitely be vintage, that much we can already reveal.


The 15 Challengers have until next week to finish their projects. Some seem to be as good as finished already. For others, however, there still seems to be a lot to do. We are curious to see if all of them can keep to the schedule and finish on time.

We can hardly wait and are super excited about next week, because, then it's WHO IS THE BEST?


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