How to use FireStorm to overclock ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 Ti AMP and AMP EXTREME Graphics Card?

Download the latest FireStorm utility then you can apply one-click OC function for 1070 Ti AMP and AMP Extreme models.


Read HERE to follow the 5 easy steps.



If there is no "OC" or "Load" buttons appeared in your FireStorm utility, please do as follows:
1, Make sure you have downloaded the specific Firestorm utility for your 1070 Ti AMP Edition/AMP Extreme.
-  HERE (Only for 1070 Ti AMP! EXTREME) or 
-  HERE (Only for 1070 Ti AMP! Edition) or
2, Try un-install all previously installed Firestorm in Windows, and clean up the Windows Registry by third-party utilities (Eg., CCleaner), then re-install a fresh clean Firestorm V.26E.

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