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PCM RECOMMEND 2010 - ZBOX ND22 PC Market ZBOX HD-ND22 dedicated power SO-DIMM memory and processor performance is good to achieve improved significantly. CULVION platform power consumption has not rised, operating temperature is lower than Atom processor, an impressive overall performance. Hong Kong 31/08/2010
Recommended - ZBOX ND22 Silent PC Review The ZBOX HD-ND22 does what many of Zotac's previous products have done in the past: Push the boundaries of small form factor PC performance. Nvidia's ION chipset makes HD video playback on Atom-based systems a breeze but such machines are poor in overall speed and responsiveness. Pairing ION with a dual core Intel CULV processor results in a staggering performance increase. While this combination may not be able to compete with your average budget tower with a standard desktop CPU, being packed US (English) 04/09/2010
Editor's Choice - ZBOX ND22 Windows Middle East Thanks to its CPU and two RAM slots the ZOTAC ZBOX HD-ND22 is a highly flexible, and capable, barebones to build a rig on. Middle East 01/11/2010
100% Recommended - ZBOX ND22 ZonaJugones.com Small, low power, quiet, 1080p playback these are the requirements we look for a PC for your home, which are the aspects to highlight ZBOX ND22, just add your own RAM memory and hard drive (With mounting for kids) and have fun. If you want a PC for daily use, ZBOX ND22 has everything you need: WiFi, USB ports, card reader, video outputs. Spain (Spanish) 21/10/2010
Recommended  - ZBOX ND22 IT Reviews What we especially liked about the Zbox HD-ND22 was the way that the tiny form factor makes this PC so easy to accommodate. You can simply place it flat on your desktop on four rubber feet or you can clip it into a base that allows it to stand vertically. We especially liked the third choice where you attach the supplied VESA mount to the rear of your TFT display and snap the Zbox into place, thus keeping it off your desk and out of sight. UK (English) 26/11/2010
Recommendation - ZBOX AD02 PLUS NVISION "Original solution, good design, and improved power consumption, and for that price (one of the main factors determining purchase). We reward the ZOTAC ZBOX AD02 PLUS with our RECOMMENDED award - congratulations!" Poland (Polish) 29/03/2011
Recommendation - ZBOX AD02 PLUS PC Masters The ZOTAC ZBOX AD02 Plus could convince us most. It fulfills everything you'd expect from such a small PC. It is small and quiet, thanks ZBOX housing extremely functional, offering good performance with low power consumption. It also gives you the possibility to upgrade the box with your own choice of memory and hard disk. Germany (German) 29/04/2011
4 Stars and Recommended Product - ZBOX AD02 PLUS TodoHTPC.com The system is very complete and most powerful than the current competition. Ideal for a HTPC and better 3D performance, and also has an attractive price. Spain (Spanish) 11/05/2011
Power - ZBOX AD02 PLUS OCLab.pl The workmanship is decent and a flashing green ring is a very nice addition. We have a large number of slots at our disposal, including two USB 3.0 whose position is well through out. Thanks to very successful APU E-359 system, ZBOX takes little power and generates little heat. Poland (Polish) 17/06/2011
Recommendation - ZBOX AD02 PLUS Fudzilla The ZBOX AD02 is a pretty good piece of kit and we can recommend it without losing a second of sleep. ...ZOTAC gets flying colours in the feature department. At the end of the day all you can wish for is a nice wireless desktop, everything else is on board. Build quality and cooling are top notch. We also like the design, but this is really a subjective category. Germany (German) 26/08/2011
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